Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smoking is disgusting but veganism is awesome

So, a debate between my significant other began this evening as a result of me handing him my chinese food leftovers--- General Tso's tofu (and may i add it was quite bangin') Anyway, the usual protocol when I hand my carnivoire boyfriend something to eat that is Vegan is to say, "Doesn't it taste as good as meat?" His usual answer, "It tastes good but it doesn't taste like meat" was not sufficent enough tonight. Instead, he said, "You really do vegans an injustice when yous ay stuff like that. Yous hould justs say isn't it good?" He may have been right.

I have been vegan for many years---mainly because I am horrified by injesting the flesh of an animal and am a total animal rights advocate not in the Peta sense because I despise them) but in the same way I am a feminist. I believe animals deserve to be treated with respect like any other living thing...just as women should be treated equally to men...blah blah blah

Anyway, somehow the debate insued that since I am a cigarette smoker it negates the fact that I am vegan since it is "the most unhealthy thing a person can do to themselves." I agree, however am currently in the thralls of addiction and cannot see the light. Anyway, I argue...well at least I have a better chance of not developing "colon cancer." So the debate continues...

I felt the need to express that Americans have a higher cancer rate than any other country I acn think of yet many Asian and European countries have tons of smokers (any smoking is not so taboo there or outlawed in bars and resteraunts) yet they have a much lower rate of cancer. Can anyone tell me why? I am curious.... can a better diet negate the terrible effects of smoking???

If anyone has any insight on these matters beside sthe obvious..."smoking is bad" rhetoric...I'd be psyched to hear it.

Best wishes,

Zoe Alexandra

vegan smoker