Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quiet Goodbye

I was born on a full moon like half the babies in America Came out, no swam out like a wet fish coughed onto rough sands You see the stars were aligned, you see I always believed this made me magic but magic breaks…like a rope around the neck of bad intentions I was wishing for a magic prince to save me As soon as I learned the equation of skin on skin Of razors that cut out the bad parts and leave a glistening dull feeling The sound of someone sighing in the distance A coarse whispered hallelujah Half of life is commercials Suggesting a better toothpaste to make my teeth shine A proposal for a better deodorant or face cream Something I could buy to bring you closer Suck in my stomach and walk the tightrope to your heart Let’s say I called and told you that I needed you more than Let’s say I told you that I wanted to stay wrapped in your heavy arms like a missile Body bright and ready Let’s say you’re never ready The skin starts to sag, to soften the way fruit will tend to At the bottom of the refrigerator I want nothing but the best for you But selfishly I believe I am the only one who could Give this to you A shaky hand under your neck That whispers a quiet goodbye

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