Monday, October 8, 2007

Update on my publications:

My poem, "It is You Who Hides Behind" is featured in the current issue of Remark Magazine (damn fine poetry)

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"My Time, The Lunch Break Book" is finally out from Poet Plant Press and I'm damn proud to be the featured poet.
My poem "It is You Who Hides Behind" is featured in the current issue of Remark magazine:
A lot of familiar names in here! Here's the skinny:

My Time - The Lunch Break BookA book project by Chris Bodor
Featured poet: Wayne Mason
Illustrations by Jad Fair, Ashley Bobbett, and Marc SnyderForward by David Barker (author of Lunch Hour Poems)
Contact Chris for contributer copy discountsEveryone else:$10 each Check, MO, well hidden cash to:Chris BodorPoet Plant PressPO Box 861094St. Augustine, FL 32086-1740 USA
Featuring poems written during, or inspired by, the lunch break.

David Hill/ Mary Beth Bodor/ Michael D. Grover/ Linda Kay/ Royce Icon/ Austin Taylor/ Jason Gray/ Raindog/ Aleathia Drehmer/ Glenda Bailey Mershon/ Steven Seidenfeld/ Zachary C. Bush/ Cheryl A. Townsend/ Miles J. Bell/ Karl Koweski/ Wayne Mason/ t. kilgore splake/ Adrian Manning/ Helen P. Peterson/ Misti Rainwater-Lites, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozababal/ Michele McDannold/ J. D. Nelson/ Luis H. Valadez/ Zoe Alexandra/ Mathias Nelson/ Chris Bodor

more info:

More forthcoming poems from me will appear in Thieves Jargon (props to new editor & friend Zachary C. Bush) & the Cerebral Catalyst. I'll keep you posted for when they go live!

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