Friday, September 28, 2007

Fruition (for your ex-girlfriend)

I can make her wear jeans
No, a skirt
that rides right up
over her smooth round ass

I can put her in combat boots
Laced right up to the knee
Or 7 inch stiletto hells

I can make her wear no panties
No, a bright white g-string
Because I know you
I know that's your preference

I can make her call you
Or I can make you
her number
from a public bathroom
from work

I can make her answer
Sigh your name
into the receiver


I can make her a demanding bitch
Who tells you
Exactly how it's going to happen

I can change her hairstyle
But she'll always be blonde
Fuck me blonde
Bright white platinum blonde
Marilyn blonde

Since I know her voice
I can take it up an octave
Or down a little lower
Make it breathier
Make her say:
I don't even wanna fuck,
I just want you to eat me
my pretty
pink lips
Oh, I'm getting so wet
just thinking about it…

I can have her stop by your work
during lunch,
after hours
during a smoke break

I can have her tease you
Get right to the point
Watch your pupils expand
Like wet sponges

I can watch your eyes
Study her mouth
as she applies
Chanel lip-gloss
All over her bottom lip
Using her middle finger,
Her nails manicured,
French tipped
Or I can make them
Harlot red

I can have her take
You in the stall
Or on the sink
(it's riskier there,
Someone could just
Barge right in)

I can make you lick her
like a dirty plate
I can make her
Virginal pink
In your mouth.

I can have her drip
all over
your face
or I can make you
beg for more,
have her say
You're gonna have to try
A lot
Than that…

I can make her pull
Up her panties,
pull her skirt into place
and walk right out on you
or I can have her plead
you to come back to her,
and clinging
to the end of your shirt.

When she finally leaves
I can have you call me up,
say you love me,
or I can make you just
jerk off.

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